Immigration Assistance

In an ever-changing world, it’s important for an employer to be in line with the latest immigration law.

We inform the HR managers of which documents are needed to work legally in Belgium. We obtain the work permit and assist with the application of a visa abroad.

We also notify HR and the transferee when the work permit needs to be renewed.

Work permit

Our immigration lawyer takes care of the work permit application, acting as a proxy holder for your company. Once the permit is granted, we collect it and send it to the transferee. We track and inform the transferee and HR manager when the permit needs to be renewed.

Visa assistance

After obtaining the work permit, the transferee must apply for a visa in his/her home country. Relocation Belgium assists with the procedure that needs to be followed.

Residence permit Procedure

Once a foreigner stays in Belgium for a period exceeding 90 days, he/she needs a residence permit. Relocation Belgium helps to obtain these permits and provides a detailed list of documents that the transferee needs in order to register. We make an appointment with the city hall and accompany the transferee until the electronic ID card can be collected.

Exchange Driver license

Depending on the origin of the driver’s license, the license can be registered or exchanged at the local town hall. For some licenses, an exchange is not possible and the transferee needs to take a theoretical and practical test. Relocation Belgium can guide the transferee through this procedure.