Why Relocation assistance

Moving to a new country involves a lot of organization and is a stressful experience for the transferee, his/her family and the HR department. Relocating an employee can be costly and time consuming. The employee feels pressure to perform from the start, but at the same time he/she needs to deal with psychological stress and many practical challenges in adapting to his/her new life. The HR department feels responsible for a smooth

integration, but assisting with all the practical day-to-day issues can appear impossible.

That is were we come in.

First and foremost, we provide a comfortable, one-on-one professional service for the transferees and their family. We assist with practical and administrative issues. This service starts before they arrive in Belgium: opening a bank account, obtaining the right documents abroad for registration once they are in Belgium.

To ensure everything is in compliance with the law and the company regulations, we partner up with a lawyer, who reviews the lease and other contracts that a transferee needs to sign. Our immigration lawyer makes sure the work permit and visa are obtained, and keeps track of the timing to renew the permit.


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