Why Relocation Belgium?

Relocation Belgium currently boasts four employees in the office, and seven colleagues who assist expatriates in the field. They are consummate professionals and highly qualified experts. “We consciously opted for a small, close-knit team. This enables us to respond to questions from expats and HR professionals quickly and directly. Such a direct approach is essential; it makes the difference between a sterile help line and a true confidant. We consistently strive to be the latter,” says Deborah Loones, founder and managing director of Relocation Belgium.

Meet our team

Get to know our team

Our team of local experts has an international background and is fully trained to host our global expats. They assist with their relocation from A–Z, which ensures a very personal approach. 
We are familiar with an expat’s needs and requirements, long before they arrive in Belgium.

Certified quality

Since 2008, Relocation Belgium has held the EuRa Global Quality Seal—the world’s first accreditation for relocation providers. Alongside our personalized service, we believe it’s important to show our clients that we have the right processes in place and we’re always up to date with the latest legislation. The audit takes place every two years and is carried out by an independent auditing company.
This quality seal, in combination with our personalized approach, ensures we have the flexibility of a small company combined with the professionalism of a large one.
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