Why Relocation Belgium

Personal assistance through personal experience

Moving to another country puts a large amount of emotional stress on a person and everybody deals differently with change. Therefore, the focus of our company is to offer a personal approach to every transferee. We deal with people and a case-by-case approach is crucial. Once settled, we have a close follow-up policy ensuring a good integration of the transferee and family.

Our team is made up of ‘ ex-expats’ located across Belgium. Having a team of former expatriates is the hallmark of a great relocation company: it guarantees an in-depth understanding of the issues that the transferee and the HR department are dealing with. In 2008, we obtained the Eura Quality Seal which underlines our professionalism. In order to keep this seal,

the company is audited on a biannual basis. This means that besides our experience and personal approach, we also have the right processes and IT- support in place. In short, we have the flexibility of a small company combined with the professionalism of a large one.


Deborah Loones is the founder of Relocation Belgium.



Ann Drieghe was an expat for 7 years and lived with her family in the US and in Liechtenstein. She was a board member at the international school Rheintal in Buchs, Switzerland.


Relocation consultant

Sofie Hemeryck travelled around the world for work and leisure, lived in Shanghai from 1998 till 2001 and lived in 7 different cities in Belgium.

Sofie Hemeryck

Relocation consultant

Caroline lived together with her husband and children in South Korea, China and Hong Kong. She has been an expatriate for 7 years.

Caroline Bourgonjon

Relocation consultant

Ingrid De Wilde has lived in Berlin for a year through the European exchange program Erasmus and was brought up with a love for travelling the world.

Ingrid De Wilde

Relocation Coordinator

EuRA Quality Seal

Relocation Belgium is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound by their ethics and rules of conduct. The stated aim of EuRA is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding employee mobility. Further, EuRA enhances industry performance standards by communication and education.

Relocation Belgium obtained the EuRA Global Quality Seal in 2010. Based on the ISO 9001 process management model, the EuRA Global Quality Seal specifies the procedures and KPI’s that reflect the very high standards in relocation services. As a member awarded the EuRA Global Quality Seal, Relocation Belgium demonstrates a total commitment to quality. Alongside our personalized service, it’s important to show our clients that we also have the right processes in place.

An audit takes place every two years and is carried out by an independent auditing company. This makes sure we are continuously on top of the game.

Some of our happy customers



Auxilia is a non-profit organization who offers one-on-one tutoring to underprivileged children and adults.